A roof restoration is the structural repair or modernization of a roof to remove damage or increase the standard of living. 

When restoring pitched and flat roofs, not only are the roof shingles and, if necessary, the entire roof structure replaced, but thermal insulation is also installed. A roof restoration can also serve to convert the attic space into an attic apartment, remove harmful building materials such as asbestos, and improve the house’s energy efficiency.

Even the best roofs get old. Most roofing materials have a service life of around 15 to 30 years, after which a roof restoration is typically needed.


1. The Right Time For Roof Restoration 

If your roof has water damage, fire damage, hail damage, or damage caused by extreme winds, a roof restoration is typically a better option than an entire roof replacement!

2. Consult A Skilled Local Roofing Contractor 

A roof restoration is a job for professionals and not for DIY-ers! Homeowners should choose a trusted roofing company in the area that is very familiar with the local legal regulations and codes and are roof restoration experts.

3. Request An On-Site Roof Inspection

Before the roof restoration starts, you need to have a local roofing contractor come out and inspect your roof. They need to be able to see, in person, what the structural situation is like and what thoughts and ideas the homeowner has for the project.

4. Plan Ahead For Storms 

Depending on the area your home is in, you may get pretty rough weather year-round. There are products available that a roofing company can use, such as storm clips, to help further reinforce your roof. In snowy regions, you should also consider additional snow protection, such as snow guards.

5. Don’t Forget About The Look

As the homeowner, you get a say on how you’d like the roof to look. There are many styles and colors of roofing material to choose from. Enjoy the process of picking out which ones you think will complement your home and create a beautiful look that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


When is the right time to get your roof restored? Age-related damages, structural flaws, or storm damage are the most frequent reasons for roof restoration. However, there are instances where repairing a roof makes more sense economically.

Whether or not you need to have your roof renewed is best determined by a professional local roofing contractor during their initial inspection of your roof. The roof inspection provides information about how badly the roof is damaged and to what extent it needs to be restored. After the roofing contractor is done with their inspection of your roof, they will create an inspection report that lists the damage they found and suggestions for what work needs to be performed.

Many homeowners put off having their roof inspected until it’s too late – namely when destructive moisture or damage to the roofing can already be seen. If damage is detected and repaired early on, high follow-up costs can be avoided because a partial restoration costs only a fraction of a completely new roof.


A roof restoration can be comprised of many different restoration measures. The extent of the roof restoration and which work is carried out depends on the existing damage to the roof. The condition of the roof ultimately determines whether a complete roof restoration is necessary or partial restoration is sufficient.  

Renew The Roof Structure 

For the roof to be stable, it relies on the roof truss for support. It may need to be replaced if it’s rotting and decayed due to water damage. If only a few sections are damaged, a few individual roof beams can be replaced. However, if the bulk of it is destroyed, the roof will have to be rebuilt entirely.

Recover The Roof 

If roof tiles are loose or permeable in several places and the roof covering as a whole is severely damaged, then it’s probably time to get your roof recovered. Once the cost of replacing individual tiles and repairs is no longer justified, a roof should be recovered.

Renew Roof Insulation

With efficient new insulation, you save energy costs and improve the indoor climate. There are various methods of retrospectively insulating a roof. Which one you choose depends, among other things, on whether the roof needs to be recovered or whether the new insulation can be applied from the inside. 

Extend The Attic

Roof restoration offers the opportunity to expand the attic and create more living space. If the attic is developed to expand the living space, there are certain specifications that must be complied with. Additional insulation measures are almost always required when expanding for the attic to be warm, tight, and dry. 

Install Skylights

Skylights bring a lot of light and fresh air into the attic and they are available in a wide variety of designs for different aesthetics. If new skylights are to be installed as part of a roof restoration, certain factors must be considered. Does the roof structure have the appropriate load-bearing capacity for the desired window shape and size? Does the wall cladding or insulation around the window need to be reworked? These questions will need to be answered before the roofing contractor is able to begin work.

Remove Asbestos

Is your roof covered with material containing asbestos? If the panels are weathered or damaged, the building material can become hazardous to health. If you want to renew your roof, this is an excellent opportunity to have the asbestos sheets removed and disposed of properly by a specialist.


Prevent Further Damage And Leaks

Severe weather and falling debris, such as branches, will take their toll on a roof that has been neglected. Likewise, if your roof sustains damage, you’ll begin to experience leaking. A roof restoration is a fantastic method to make sure that your entire roof is in excellent shape even there has been storm damage to your roof.

Cracked tiles will be scrapped and replaced, and any loose tiles or ridge tops will be re-bedded. A long-lasting sealant will be applied to the roof to keep out damage and leaks.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If your roof is old and in need of repair, it could be allowing a lot of air in and out. To make up for the lost heat, you’ll have to turn up the heat (or air conditioning). A roof restoration can keep the air from escaping from your roof, which will save you money in the long run on energy costs.

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof

A roof restoration will help you save money in the long run by extending the life of your roof and avoiding the need for costly repairs or even a complete replacement. Before starting any restoration, a skilled roofing contractor will examine your roof to identify any weak spots. That means they’ll be able to spot things like loose shingles or cracked or broken tiles that might be letting the weather in.

They may also clear twigs and debris that has accumulated on flat roofs and in gutters. Mould and lichen thrive in this type of waste, and over time, they’ll damage your roof’s components. Investing in roof restoration can extend the life of your roof by many years.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Your home’s safety and attractiveness are directly related to the health of your roof. A well-maintained, high-quality roof will raise the market value of your property. A roof restoration will enhance your chances of a quick sale because a damaged roof is a common reason potential buyers pass on homes or back out of a deal. 

Improved Defense Against Animals

Squirrels, birds, and other animals will take advantage of unsecured sheeting or loose tiles on a roof. In addition, they can cause much more damage to your roof in their quest to obtain access and establish a nest. Fortunately, a simple roof restoration can protect your roof from these animals.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Storms

How confident are you that your roof will hold up during an intense storm? Even just one broken or loose tile may allow water to enter your home, causing structural damage overnight. A roof restoration includes a complete examination beforehand and ensures that your roof receives the required repairs to keep your home and family safe.

When you don’t have to worry about your roof leaking or failing during a storm, you’ll be able to sleep soundly and confidently.

More Comfort In The Cold

Even the tiniest cracks may significantly reduce the efficiency of your heating system during the winter months. When you heat your house in the winter, warm air rises to the roof by convection. If a portion of your roof is broken, a significant amount of your house’s precious heat can escape via the roof. As a result, your home will be colder, and your energy bill will be higher; that’s why investing in a roof restoration is well worth your time and money.

Less Disruptive Than Roof Replacement

If you live in a quiet area, a total roof replacement can create a lot of disruption for your neighbors. There will be a lot of hammering, drilling, and shifting of equipment and supplies during this time. Restoring your roof without disrupting you or the surrounding neighborhood is an excellent alternative to replacing it.


The duration of the roof restoration depends on the extent of the existing damage and the scope of the work required to fix it. For the complete dismantling and rebuilding of a roof, it could take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on the roof size and design. If hidden damages are detected during the work, the duration of the restoration may need to be extended. 

Be sure to have your roof checked by a local roofing professional before the restoration so that you do not experience any costly surprises and help the project stay on track.


When restoring a roof, you can achieve a lot by carefully selecting the proper materials. Selecting high-quality materials will help your roof last a long time and remain airtight and waterproof, selecting efficient insulation saves you energy costs, and choosing a roof material style that you like best ensures that your new roof will not only look good but also keep you safe for many years to come.  

An experienced roofing contractor will happily provide guidance on which materials are best suited for your roof restoration. 


Roof restoration is a complex project and should only be carried out by the best roof restoration company. Roofing companies that specialize in roof restorations have the necessary knowledge to assess damage to the roof and perform the work properly. 

When looking for a local roofing company to hire, don’t just hire the first one you come across. Make sure they specify that they are experts in roof restoration services. You want to hire a roofing company that values quality. They should only use the highest-quality materials from well-known manufacturers. High-quality building materials and roof systems are more efficient, last longer, and don’t need to be serviced as often. 


As the leading local roofing contractor in the area, we have successfully performed numerous roofing restoration jobs over the years and have extensive experience in this particular area of roofing services. 

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